About us

The Wandering Wagon - Inspired by the desire to wander with a sense of adventure and make memories with a purpose. Fashion in a wagon lead by a gypsy. The Wandering Wagon style is unique in a way that there are no rules. Wear that fur coat to the grocery store and wink at all the double takes. Bohemian mixed with a little western sass, capped off with queen.


Our mission at The Wandering Wagon is to satisfy customers style desire with the best possible customer service. Our number one priority to is to aide your shopping experience to be effortless and fulfilling. We offer a travelling boutique wagon, online shopping, as well as a Brick and Mortar. Our wagon travels the United States to bring you a unique shopping experience. The Wandering Wagon can be shopped by arrangement at private parties, events, and social gatherings. Contact owner and founder, Jenn Dahl, to arrange a fun shopping event for you and your gals.


My name is Jenn Dahl. I am the owner, founder, and one woman show of The Wandering Wagon. I was born on a farm and grew as a gypsy. I believe and strive to be a powerhouse mom, who is as transparent as they come. Made mistakes? Yes. Forgiver? Yes. Dream chaser? Hell yes. I am a full time Mom, wife, and worker. Fashion has always been a staple in my adventure. Dress up as a little girl was more of a routine than a fun Saturday morning. Growing up on a farm, gave me grit. The kind of grit that takes fear away and fuels your dreams. Growing up on a farm, also grew my passion for western ways and the desire to hold true to the dying breed. Gypsy livin’ threw a twist in my likes. I’ve never followed fashion rules, rather made my own. My goal with The Wandering Wagon is to give all of my gals a special shopping experience that is more than buying clothes. I’ve made many friends along the way and I can’t wait to meet more of you beautiful, empowering women. Cheers my friends, see you soon on the wagon trail.